Solemate's Remote Controlled Far Infrared Plate

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Solemate’s Remote Controlled Far Infrared Plate

gives tired and swollen feet and ankles  a nesting place to recover.

 If you have plantar fasciitis, ankle sprain, arthritis, hammer toes, or general swelling from traveling or being on your feet all day, you can get relief. This is not like any heating pad you have ever tried. It's specifically designed for the feet, as it gives a comfortable place for the feet to warm up, but it goes a step further by using Far Infrared Heat. Inside the housing is the magic that warms up using radiant heat. This means Far Infrared wavelengths are absorbed into the heat insert without heating the air in between. The radiant heat safely and gently warms the feet and penetrates 10 times deeper than a traditional heating pad. In just 20 minutes of heat therapy, the infrared wavelengths have entered 2.36 inches into the body. As a result, this area receives increased blood circulation, which reduces inflammation, removes toxins, and delivers important nutrients for repair. Give your feet the love they deserve by ordering a Solemate Infrared Heating Plate today.

Features and Benefits

  • Repairs Swollen Feet and Ankles
  • Uses Patented Far Infrared Insert
  • Penetrates Deeper for Proven Results
  • Comfortable and Soothing Foot Insert
  • Blood Removes Toxins and Delivers Nutrients