SoleMate Revolution Orthotic

Regular price $199.00

Made with a Smei-Flexibly shell, this orthotic is covered with an antimicrobial 1/8″ high rebound EVA top cover. This OTC orthotic is extrinsically posted at 3 degrees varus with a 12mm heel cup to help control pronation.

Note: The Revolution Orthotic may take up to 6 weeks for delivery.

SoleMate Orthotics come with a lifetime guarantee against cracking, splitting, chipping, breaking or deformation. A nominal lab / technicians fee of $75.00 is applicable on complete re-placements per occurrence. At Solemate we analyze your foot pedograph, walking gait, shoe wear, foot appearance and where appropriate we suggest the use of orthotics. We do not diagnose nor pre-scribe.

Note: Please add your men's or women's shoe size and any additional instructions in the comments section during check-out.