Heated Insoles

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The Newest Generation of Heated Insole Orthotics

Solemate Smart Insole Warmer

Incorporating the latest technology advancements, ®Solemate's R&D production team has developed the revolutionary "Smart Heated Insole" to keep your feet warm and comfortable even in the coldest weather conditions. This revolutionary insole lasts 6 - 8 hours between charges and automatically adjusts to the surrounding environment to keep the insole temperature at a constant 40 - 43 degrees Celsius (48 degrees in extreme weather).

Our unique, slim design results in an easy to use insole that aids circulation and increases blood flow and is yet another example of ©Solemates's commitment to bringing you the very best in health care products.

What makes the Solemate Smart Insole Warmer Unique?

  • Thermostatically controlled - no overheating
  • Slim design - easily fits most footwear
  • Longer usage time - 6-8 hours between charging
  • USB interface charging - recharge your insoles anywhere, anytime
  • Low power consumption - patented thermostatically controlled technology
  • Li-polymer battery - gel based technology enabling thinner design
  • Durable - stands up to day to day work and play usage
  • Exceptional value - no batteries to replace
  • Convenient to use - no peripheral hardware
  • Safe - no external wires


Simple Instructions

  • Fully charge batteries before using for the first time (approximately 3 hours)
  • Turn off insole when charging
  • When insole is charging, indicator light is Red
  • When in use, indicator light is Blue
  • When fully charged, indicator lights are offand insole is ready to use
  • Normal operating time is 6 - 8 hours per charge, however in extreme cold conditions operating time may be 5 hours
  • Insoles will maintain a constant temperature of 40 - 43 degrees in normal conditions and 48 degrees in extreme conditions for maximum comfort